Quiznos Case Study

Please don’t eat the brochure

Obstacle: Crest Uniform was trying to acquire Quiznos as a customer. We had an opportunity to present our capabilities to the Quiznos executives. The new business group approached us with a dilemma. Quiznos had specified that our Powerpoint presentation be limited to less than 10 slides. The pre-designed standard capabilities presentation was 25 slides long.

Objective: Redesign and streamline an effective presentation for Quiznos.

Solution: Quiznos, at the time, had a very whacky and strange variety of marketing programs. We recognized this audience was not going to respond to a traditional approach. The presentation was an intimate one, only six people in attendance. I suggested that we forgo the Powerpoint presentation completely and deliver something that would hold their attention, something tactile, something they could take away with them. The copy chief and I designed a die-cut sub brochure, which we printed in-house, cut by hand, and laminated. The exterior of the piece was a sub bun and the loose inside pages (lettuce, meat, cheese, tomatoes, and pickles) each had a unique capabilities message, with some cheesy copy (pun intended) that read, “lettuce help you,” and, “service, the meat of the matter.” The die cut was purposeful, so each individual sheet extended above the top of the bun in a way that one could see all the pages and pull them out of the bun to read them.

Result: Crest won the Quiznos account, valued at a half-million dollars a year. The marketing director for Quiznos was so impressed with the piece that he asked to take the sub presentation back with him to show his own marketing team.

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