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Knitworks Case Study

Yarn with a twist

Obstacle: JCA, a knitting and needlepoint company, provided yarns, patterns, needlework kits and other products to craft stores. JCA was ready to launch a direct-to-consumer business to sell yarns. Knitters are fanatics. They love knitting. It’s not always easy or convenient to get to a yarn shop or to find a yarn shop nearest you.

Objective: Create a mailer to encourage knitters to use a satellite store, a division of JCA, Inc., called Knitworks, to order yarns and accessories online or via email.

Solution: Capitalize on a knitter’s compulsion to knit by demonstrating that a desperate knitter might use anything handy if they do not have easy access to yarn. We utilized a small swatch of knitting created with dental floss and toothpicks and married that with an appealing image of the yarns we sell on the flip side of the mailer. The contrast of the two unlike visuals and the shock factor of the knitted dental floss had its desired effect and piqued interest.

Result: Produced response rates 150% greater than industry standards and jump-started a viable and sustainable new sales channel for the company.

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