Aramark Case Study

Out of the cup thinking

Obstacle: Aramark has numerous divisions. Executive management announced a “Mission One” program to motivate the different divisions to begin supporting one another. I worked for the uniform division of Aramark. Our biggest customer was our own food-service division, however a large number of Aramark’s own restaurants, cafés and stadium vendors purchased uniforms elsewhere.

Objective: Create a brochure to encourage our food-service division to buy from their own uniform vendor.

Solution: Using a 20 oz. Aramark soda cup as the vehicle to transport our message, we created a sticker on the top of the cup with a teaser message to drive the recipient inside. The cup was a critical element since it represented the restaurant division, which was our target audience, and it created an intriguing package. In the cup, we placed a silk-screened t-shirt branded with “Mission One” and listing our uniform capabilities (many were not aware we had our own silkscreen facility, so having a sample in-hand was key). A mini brochure was also inserted into the cup with ordering information and uniform specifics.

Result: A 14% increase in food service facilities using Aramark Uniform.

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